Artificial vs Real Flowers

Mar 29, 2019

Being part of the wedding industry, I get to meet some really cool people!

Some I wish I met before I started planning my own wedding. Courtney from Detail Wedding Design is one of them.  She makes some of the most stunning wedding bouquets I’ve ever seen using real touch flowers.

I was lucky enough to catch up with her this past weekend and together we put together our top 5 reasons you should choose artificial bouquets over real flowers.

  • Real touch flowers look and feel just like real flowers.
  • They can be cheaper depending on the type of flower you want and the season. Be careful though – if you are ordering online and they are really cheap they likely will not be real touch flowers.
  • Artificial bouquets can be ordered ahead of time and are easily transported. Especially for destination weddings.
  • If you are getting married in the middle of summer, real touch flowers won’t wilt from the heat and from not being in water.
  • You can keep them forever or you can resell them to another bride.

What’s Courtney’s number one tip she shares with her brides? If your artificial flowers get squished set them in a vase and they will reshape in a day or two. If time is of the essence, use a hair dryer. The heat will open them up and make them look new again.


Now, go check her stuff out! You will not be disappointed.

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