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Professional DJ or Playlist?

Everyone knows that music can make or break the reception. But with all of the expenses that come with planning a wedding, should you skip the DJ and make your own playlist? Here are out top 5 reasons why you should leave the music to the professionals.  1. DJs can...

Fun Alternatives to Bridal Showers

So, you’re in charge of planning the bridal shower Your best friend, sister, kindred spirit is planning the wedding of her dreams and adding personal touches to her special day. Why should her bridal shower be anything different? The usual bridal shower entails...

The Most Perfect Imperfect Photo Shoot

As my husband and I plan what we want to do this weekend to celebrate our wedding anniversary, I couldn’t help but think back to our wedding day. While I spent the morning getting ready with 3 of my favourite ladies and my mom, my husband was hanging with his 3 best...

Artificial vs Real Flowers

Being part of the wedding industry, I get to meet some really cool people! Some I wish I met before I started planning my own wedding. Courtney from Detail Wedding Design is one of them.  She makes some of the most stunning wedding bouquets I’ve ever seen using real...

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