Fun Alternatives to Bridal Showers

Apr 30, 2019

So, you’re in charge of planning the bridal shower

Your best friend, sister, kindred spirit is planning the wedding of her dreams and adding personal touches to her special day. Why should her bridal shower be anything different? The usual bridal shower entails opening presents, eating finger food, and playing how well do you know the bride. Ignore tradition and start planning a fun bridal shower with some of the unique alternatives.

1. Host a private yoga class.

 Keep in mind that planning a wedding can be stressful not only the bride, but also for you, the other bridesmaids and her family. Treat everyone to a relaxing yoga class. It’s an excellent way to stretch out the muscles and release those wedding jitters. If you’re feeling really adventurous, try Goat Yoga with Fox Den Yoga.

2. Book a wine tour.

 Wine tasting gives you and your guest a chance to absorb in the knowledge and ambiance of a delicious Sauvignon Blanc or Cabernet. During the wine tasting event, it gives you a chance to say the funniest and craziest things that you would never say. Remember, what happens during the wine tour stays at the wine tour.

3. Grab the girls and head to paint night.

Paint night is a fun way to explore your creativity. You can also use this time to reminisce about different experiences you have had with the bride. Eat, drink, and have fun. Just be careful not to rinse your brush in your tasty beverage.

4. Attend a cooking class.

Sign up and take a cooking class. Everyone can learn new dishes and share recipe secrets with each other. You may end up creating your new favourite meal or at least something she’ll make for her husband.

5. Plan a weekend away and go glamping.

Glamping is basically camping with style and glam. Enjoy Mother Nature and everything she has to offer – the sun, starry night sky, and the relaxing sounds of the crackling fire. Time to roast those marshmallows and tell campfire stories. You should definitely check out Fronterra. Their camp looks amazing and I’m secretly planning our next vacation there.

Traditions are great, but sometimes it can be boring. Think out of the box and plan a fun event where you can make some great memories. The unpredictable celebration can bring everyone closer together for and enjoyable, unforgettable experience.